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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rewriting wrongs #2

Anything happened in the last few weeks?  Heatwave?  What heatwave?

Have just emerged blinking and bloody from my rewrite of The Alchemist's Heir, that was more gruelling than I ever believed possible. I suspect it's now in worse nick than it was when I started.  What I'd really like to do is put it out of my misery by burning it ceremonially on a bonfire, but I suppose I should put it away for a while and return with fresh eyes and a slightly less hysterical gameplan.

In other news I've just got a contract through for my first-ever paid screenwriting gig, working on a bio-pic for Equation Pictures. They're a newish company, headed up by Diarmuid McKeown, associate producer on some of Danny Boyle's films, including Trance and 127 Hours.

Spookily, Diarmuid started out as assistant to Neil Jordan (see my last post).  I LOVE synchronicity, don't you?

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